Category 1: Also know as “Clean Water” refers to flooding from a source of water that does not pose any threat to humans. This is typically a water supply line from a tap, washing machine supply lines, water heaters, dishwasher supply lines, toilet supply lines and cisterns and other supply lines in the walls. If flooding from a clean source of water like this is treated quickly we can often save most if not all of your flooring, walls and contents.

Category 2: Also know as “Grey Water” refers to flooding from a source of water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants and can causes sickness and extensive damage to your property. This will usually come from toilet bowls, dirty water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines and other water that should go though the sewage system. Any areas that have been contaminated by the ‘Grey Water’ will need to be removed or thoroughly cleaned and an application of sanitsers will be applied to prevent mould and pathogenic microbial growth to stop further damage.

Category 3: Also known as “Black Water” refers to flooding from an extremely unsanitary source that contains harmful bacteria and fungi that will cause severe discomfort or sickness. Category 3 flood damage will usually come from a sewage back up, rising water from rivers or streams, seawater, ground surface water entering your home OR category 2 water that has been left standing for 48-72 hours. To treat this type of flooding requires extremely specialized equipment and training and will often require mould remediation after dry out is completed. Complete removal and disposal of all contaminated areas, such carpet, underlay, hardwood, laminate, gyprock, etc.
In all of these cases the sooner you call the sooner we can mitigate the damage and save more of you property.

Our certified professional water damage technicians will restore your water damaged property the quickest and safest way possible using their training, latest technology equipment and extensive experience, but time is CRITICAL and a major determining factor in how quick the premises is restored and how much can be salvaged and restored.

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