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You probably remember the experience of sitting in your new leather furniture for the first time and that genuine leather smell. There’s a reason that you invested good money in choosing leather and it’s a shame to have it go to waste. Yet with our effective leather cleaning services we can bring your leather back to fantastic condition and make your investment last as long as possible.

Regular cleaning of leather and upholstery using non-leather products can damage its finish. Baby wipes, washing up liquid and other non-leather products eventually build up and collect dirt that starts to destroy the finish. This then exposes the leather and it starts to crack – unnoticeable at first – until it is damaged beyond repair.

Regular cleaning and protection with correct advice from a leather cleaning professional is critical for the longevity of your leather upholstery. We clean your leather while also renewing the finish and giving you advice and products to keep your leather looking great. This also makes it easier for you to maintain the leather so we aren’t coming back every 6 months to do it all over again.

With our expert help we can get your leather back to its natural appearance and help you to keep it that way… saving you time and money in the long run.

Proper Leather Care Can Extend The Life Of Your Furniture

Leather cleaning extends and reconditions the life of the leather. It also replenishes the essential oils in the leather to restore its natural beauty.

The first line of defense in protecting your investment in leather furniture is to keep the leather clean. One of the biggest jobs we have is to remove stains from the accumulation of soil, ink, food and drink on your furniture.

Another large problem is the minute traces of body oils that are left on the leather when your skin or hair touches it. Unless those traces are removed on a weekly or monthly basis the leather will absorb them. Then suddenly a dark stain appears on the leather that is very hard to remove.

You may notice this on the arms of the chair or on the head rests. These are the biggest problem areas. This will be especially likely if you tend to fall asleep while sitting or reclining in your comfortable leather chair.

These are the primary areas to keep clean as the leather will look better and last longer. Otherwise this staining will discolour the leather and also increase its breakdown by altering its pH level.

Why Should You Choose Our Leather Cleaning Service on the Sunshine Coast?

Using professional training and the latest chemistry and equipment we provide a variety of leather upholstery and furniture cleaning services in the Sunshine Coast area.

We use professional leather cleaning products to lift out dried-in soiling without adversely affecting the leather on your furniture. We also deep clean your leather furniture with gentle, pH balanced leather cleaners.

When cleaning is complete we use an advanced leather protector to keep new soiling away. And we restore suppleness and eliminate dryness with our specially formulated leather upholstery conditioner that prevents cracking and premature aging. Our conditioner also contains no animal fats which can damage your expensive leather upholstery.

Our leather care specialists know how to care for every kind of leather so you can trust them to safely and effectively clean yours while showing you how to keep your leather looking great for years to come.

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