Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Are your technicians trained and certified to perform this type of work?

While there are a few companies that claim they can do water damage repairs, only a handful are have ever been trained and certified to do so. All of our staff has received training by Jena Dyco International, which is a technical training college that conducts IICRC certified training courses. Are staff are experienced and certified in
• Water Damage Restoration
• Advanced Microbial Remediation

What guarantee does Beyond Clean Group provide?

To our team here at Beyond Clean Group, YOUR happiness is our number one priority. We stand behind all of our work. All work performed comes with a 7 Day satisfaction guarantee, giving you time to report any deficiencies to our customer support team. The area(s) of concern will be re-done at no charge until satisfaction has been met, or if we can’t fix the problem or satisfy your concern then we will refund your investment for that area(s)—YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

The Beyond Clean Group Service Guarantee:
• Your home or business will not only be cleaner, it will be safer —GUARANTEED.
• To have all of our staff highly trained to international standards —GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will make it right—GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t happy, you don’t pay us—GUARANTEED.

• To do the job right, we invest in the highest quality, most powerful cleaning equipment and clean with only the safest products —GUARANTEED.

Does the equipment have to be running the entire time?

Definitely! Please do no touch, move or adjust any of the equipment we have set up. For us to achieve the best results and quickest dry time, we closely monitor the entire drying process. We may move, add or remove equipment based on what the monitoring equipment explains to us is actually happening on your site. By having someone not trained turn off or move the equipment, it will increase the time it takes to dry everything out. This can lead to secondary damage and potential microbial growth.

What are the different Categories of Water Loss?

Category 1: Also know as “Clean Water” refers to flooding from a source of water that does not pose any threat to humans. This is typically a water supply line from a tap, washing machine supply lines, water heaters, dishwasher supply lines, toilet supply lines and cisterns and other supply lines in the walls. If flooding from a clean source of water like this is treated quickly we can often save most if not all of your flooring, walls and contents.

Category 2: Also know as “Grey Water” refers to flooding from a source of water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants and can causes sickness and extensive damage to your property. This will usually come from toilet bowls, dirty water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines and other water that should go though the sewage system. Any areas that have been contaminated by the ‘Grey Water’ will need to be removed or thoroughly cleaned and an application of sanitsers will be applied to prevent mould and pathogenic microbial growth to stop further damage.

Category 3: Also known as “Black Water” refers to flooding from an extremely unsanitary source that contains harmful bacteria and fungi that will cause severe discomfort or sickness. Category 3 flood damage will usually come from a sewage back up, rising water from rivers or streams, seawater, ground surface water entering your home OR category 2 water that has been left standing for 48-72 hours. To treat this type of flooding requires extremely specialized equipment and training and will often require mould remediation after dry out is completed. Complete removal and disposal of all contaminated areas, such carpet, underlay, hardwood, laminate, gyprock, etc.
In all of these cases the sooner you call the sooner we can mitigate the damage and save more of you property.

Our certified professional water damage technicians will restore your water damaged property the quickest and safest way possible using their training, latest technology equipment and extensive experience, but time is CRITICAL and a major determining factor in how quick the premises is restored and how much can be salvaged and restored.

How much does this add to my electricity bill having all this equipment running?

We only use the most technologically advanced and efficient equipment. This results in us being able to dry much quicker while being very economical. In actually terms of cost, it will probably be no more than a few dollars per day.

Will my insurance cover the water damage to my property?

This depends on the actual insurance company your policy is with, the type of cover that you have, the source of the damage, (i.e. whether it was a natural disaster like a flood, or if it was caused by a burst pipe.) The insurance company will also want to make sure that you took the necessary precautions to try and prevent the situation.

It’s a bit warm and muggy inside, can I open the windows?

We will be monitoring your site continually to dry it as quick as possible. Our drying equipment is increasing the rate of evaporation, which in turn makes the air feel wetter, or more humid. If WE suggest that you open some windows, it may be because the outside conditions will help the drying process. However, if we haven’t instructed to do so, please leave the structure just as we have left it, as it is setup based on what our measuring equipment tells us will be the most optimal drying conditions possible.

What should I do first?

The very thing you should do if possible and if can be done safely, is to stop the source of the water. Secondly, you need to call us ASAP! We are available 24 hours per day to help you through your emergency. Time is of the essence when there has been damage caused by water. The longer water is in contact with your carpet and structure the more problems and damage that be caused.

• Ever use any type of vacuum cleaner or electrical device; it could result in electrical shock and damage the equipment and the person using it
• Walk on wet carpets or the effected areas more than necessary

What happens with my damaged furniture and/or contents?

We will do our best to restore your furniture and/or contents to the same condition they were in prior to the damage happening. If we are not able to restore any items we will set them aside to be itemised and turned in to your insurance adjuster. Your Insurance Adjuster will determine coverage according to your particular policy.

Do you come out on weekends and during the night?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier, time is critical in these events. We have trained water damage and microbial remediation technicians ready to assist you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Do I have to wait for my insurance company to give the go ahead before I can proceed?

In a word…No! Your insurance company will need to be notified of the damage to your property, but you shouldn’t wait for them to give permission, as the reality is you are responsible for your own losses. In fact, it’s normal for the insurance loss adjuster to arrive after our restoration technicians and already find the drying process already started.

What is the complete process?

When you make the initial call, we will put you through to one of our certified restoration specialists (or have them return your call in a matter of minutes in case they are already assisting other clients). Then we’ll do the following to help you reclaim your home.

1. Give you advise about what you can do to minimize damage until our crew arrives.
2. Dispatch trained, experienced and certified water damage technicians to your home or business within a matter of hours.
3. Pump out any freestanding water quickly, and then extract water from carpet and/or underlay.

4. Remove wet carpet and underlay if deemed necessary. We will then clean, dry, and reinstall carpet and underlay based on IICRC standards and protocols.
5. We will only utilise professional grade equipment for to control the drying process of your structure and its contents—this reduces the possibility of secondary damage and potential microbial growth.
6. Use specialized measuring and monitoring instruments to locate hidden pockets of water and to technically monitor the dehumidification/drying process.
7. We will work directly with your insurance company to assist with processing claims and get your place back to normal as soon as possible.
8. Make sure your structure and contents are dry, to the recommended industry standards for your area.

My house has a peculiar odour, is this common after water damage?

When belongings and materials get wet that aren’t designed to be wet, you may be get a ‘souring’ smell. This is a natural bacterium forming. The good news is that after the drying out and antimicrobial process that we employ here at Beyond Clean Group (generally 3-5 days) all bacteria should be gone and so too should the smell. It is only a short-term odour that will have disappeared before we have finished our scope of works.

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