This is a question we get asked often. Some carpets do actually come with a protector applied to it back at the carpet mill. Most of the time though, it is a protector that is designed to repel dry soil. However over time and due to day-to-day foot traffic, this protector will wear off.

Having a protector reapplied will reduce the impact or soiling or spills on the fibres. A carpet and fabric protector will create an invisible barrier that minimises the impact of future spills and soiling. This allows you extra time to remove the offending substance before permanent damage or staining occurs. Many carpet manufacturers require a yearly professional cleaning to validate their product’s warranty. Our MicroSeal product can be applied on top of every type of manufacturer treated carpet and upholstery with no negative side effects. MicroSeal has an added advantage to an already mill treated carpet or fabric because it is a better protector, longer lasting and provides almost 100% UV protection on most fabrics

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